At Jabooda, we are always seeking out highly talented individuals with the motivation to push our team forward. Check out our openings below.

Please note that all positions require that the candidate have 3 to 4 years of experience minimum within the respective field. Candidates must be able to work independently and have prior knowledge.


Primary responsibilities include:

  • Supervising construction activities
  • Must be able to develop positive relationships betwen customers and suppliers; both orally and written
  • Must be able to direct all field personnel to be able to complete projects on schedule, within budget and is compliant to original plans and specifications
  • An active problem solver who is able to oversee all work done within the field
  • Analyzes problems and can make quick decisions considering risks, objectives, costs and other implications
  • Strong organizational skills is a must
  • Ensures job safety among all workers
  • Maintains an organized and clean job site


    Primary responsibilities include:

  • Strong listening skills; being able to address clients' needs with understanding
  • Build rapport with clients, sales representatives and other peers
  • Prioritize workload without supervision
  • Ability to develop cost estimates for projects
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Analyze construction details thoroughly
  • Manage order and quoting processes
  • Supply thorough interpretations of design drawings and other conceptual documents


    Primary responsibilities include:

  • Conduct operation of excavators and additional associated equipment
  • Working in accordance to plans and specifications
  • Transport load and unload materials
  • Respectful of traffic control
  • Report any dangers and hazards in the field
  • Act with the customer in mind
  • Strong attention to detail is a must
  • Include excellent quality of workmanship at all times
  • Ask questions if ever unsure
  • Maintain excellent relationships with clients and provide a positive force in the field
  • Continually improve service, productivity and efficiency


    Primary responsibilities include:

  • Train, direct, supervise and discipline crews on a given project
  • Present strong leadership roles while maintaining a positive attitude
  • Evaluate progress and provide assistance to peers to strengthen their abilities in their respective role
  • Be able to listen to any concerns of workers on the field and solve problems
  • Folllow blueprints, sketches and suggest changes when necessary
  • Track employee attendance and manage work schedules for each individual
  • Aiding subordinates to get jobs completed


    Primary responsibilities include:

  • Build and repair wooden structures
  • Measure, cut and assemble lumber with precision
  • Be able to analyze blueprints with a strong attention to detail
  • Be able to lift and carry heavy framing lumber, sheets of plywood and other materials
  • Strong analytical and mathematical skills

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